Coaching for Practice Administrators

The 21st century Practice Administrator is a very different person from the 20th century Office Manager. Why wouldn’t they be? The responsibilities of running a practice today have increased exponentially, and dentists need help – ‘amazing’ help!

The challenges of running a successful dental practice become more time-consuming and complex each year. Human resources, endless new governmental regulations, hiring, training, project management, marketing, patient needs – just to name a few – all come with the 21st century dentist’s territory. But what happens when a dentist is being pulled in so many directions they simply don’t have the time, energy or inclination to handle it all?

However, most highly effective Practice Administrators aren’t born that way. Remember, a staff member may have years’ of experience but not necessarily the skills and leadership ability it takes to be a successful “Chief Operations Officer”.  The right person to manage your practice will likely require serious training and mentorship to help you move your practice forward, and to relieve you of the often overwhelming responsibilities you face on a day-to-day basis.

As for the needs and wants of the Practice Administrator, they want clarity regarding your expectations, they want their role to be understood and respected by the team. They also want to be confident in their skills, to effectively do their job and to have the satisfaction of knowing you support them.

Coaching for Practice Administrators was developed with you in mind.  There has never been a time when I've heard more  dentists say they are "overwhelmed" with all it takes to effectively run a practice.  I understand--here's how I can help. 

The Practice Administrator as “Chief Operations Officer” Program

Doctors, to ensure the greatest level of success for this program, your involvement is necessary.  The "partnership" which is created with your Practice Administrator is the result of your vision and leadership.  If needed, I can help to crystallize those things with you.  Some of the coaching I provide will require time spent with you and your Practice Administrator. Together, we can develop a position of significance! 


Discovery: Does your Practice Administrator need issue-specific coaching or full immersion that may include job description development, management and leadership coaching, annual planning skills, and hiring and training  know-how? We can help you make that determination. Your specific practice situation determines the recommended Training Plan.

Training Plan: Your training plan may consist of a few hours on the phone working through your practice issues. If full immersion is needed, a professional analysis of your practice will be conducted on-site in your office. Systems, staffing, numbers (production and profitability), communication skills are all evaluated, allowing for a clear, well-defined approach for working with your practice and Practice Administrator. Once the Training Plan has been determined, it’s time to move on to Implementation.

Implementation: My commitment is to provide your practice with the training and resources necessary to get results. Implementation methods vary and may include telephone coaching, on-site meetings, email and recommended training products. The primary objective?  To propel you toward an outcome of an exceptionally well-trained and confident Practice Administrator who will allow you to do more of the things you love to do!

My fee and payment options will be discussed when we determine how we will work together.  Thank you.

Celebrating 25 years in Consulting

I am very proud to announce that 2015 marks my 25th year working as a Dental Practice Management Consultant. With many thanks to all my wonderful clients, colleagues and friends who have enriched my life!

The ADA Practical Guide to Leading and Managing the Dental Team

ADA Practice Guide

It is an honor to be a contributing author to the ADA's newest publication, "Leading and Managing the Dental Team". Thank you, ADA, for the opportunity and for your dedication to providing your members with helpful practice support.

My chapter is entitled, "Total Team Engagement with Numbers and Statistics". Other chapters include expert advice from industry leaders on topics relating to Leadership, Conflict, and Incentives and Engagement.

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