Debbie Castagna

I’ve been consulting since 1991 and how I work with dentists has naturally evolved.  Although my job title was “consultant” when I started consulting in 1991, I was really more of a trainer.  I understood dental systems and how to communicate effectively to patients but it took a number of years to truly feel like I was an “expert”.  I’m confident in my expertise in dental management and I understand that for significant even transformational change to take place, the working relationship takes on another sort of depth.

A coaching relationship requires experience, which goes beyond understanding dental practice management.  It requires the capacity to listen, to get to know the doctor and team, what drives them and what limits them. A really good coach must also have a strong desire to teach and lead, get results, be of service and love the work.  Being a trainer is not enough when your business philosophy is about making a significant impact and not enough for my clients or me.

I've never liked the question--although valid to many, "What sets you apart from other consultants?"  I don't like it because it seems that you risk throwing another consultant under the bus.  There are many consultants I respect  and know do wonderful work.  All I can speak to are the results my clients receive.  I hope you take a moment to read some of their testimonials.

Significant Career & Personal Highlights

I’ve been extraordinarily lucky in my career.  The paths (and borders!), which have been crossed, educational opportunities, professional affiliations and hard work have provided rich experiences.  Here are several standouts:

First of all, there’s nothing like 12 years of a Catholic school education and growing up in a household of Spanish immigrants to help to develop a solid work ethic. Those years and that colorful family of mine just makes me smile! I'm grateful for that foundation.

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Celebrating 25 years in Consulting

I am very proud to announce that 2015 marks my 25th year working as a Dental Practice Management Consultant. With many thanks to all my wonderful clients, colleagues and friends who have enriched my life!

The ADA Practical Guide to Leading and Managing the Dental Team

ADA Practice Guide

It is an honor to be a contributing author to the ADA's newest publication, "Leading and Managing the Dental Team". Thank you, ADA, for the opportunity and for your dedication to providing your members with helpful practice support.

My chapter is entitled, "Total Team Engagement with Numbers and Statistics". Other chapters include expert advice from industry leaders on topics relating to Leadership, Conflict, and Incentives and Engagement.

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